• The famous YAMAHA DX7 returns as a totally modeling-based soft synth
  • Equipped with all the features we wished we had back in the day
  • Very easy to operate FM engine

Arturia, well-known for its software reincarnations of many famous vintage synths, has released an FM synth as part of its newest collection. Not just any synth, this digital synthesizer was a global hit in the 1980s, producing FM timbres nobody had heard before. Of course we're talking about the DX7. The early 80s saw analog synths as the major players, but thanks to the introduction of the clear, realistic sounds of the DX7, it is not too much to say that synthesizers were finally recognized as a major instrument. The DX7 truly impacted the world of musical instruments.


ARTURIA V Collection 6

The V Collection, Arturia's standard software package, has been updated to version six! New additions to the suite are the DX7 V, Buchla Easel V, Clavinet V, and CMI V, bringing the total number of vintage synths, pianos and organs to twenty-one.


IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O

IK Multimedia has released a new controller, the iRig Keys I/O. Continuing where the iRig Keys Pro left off, the iRig Keys I/O is available in 25- and 49-key versions. From the name of the product itself, you can imagine what it's capable of, but we were blown away by just how far our expectations were exceeded!


Dave Smith Instruments Prophet REV2 16 Voice

Dave Smith Instruments has released another synth in their Prophet line, this time one that's been powered up.

In the Prophet08 series, we saw the return of the Prophet name, and the return of analog sound, with an 8-voice analog synth that got popular overnight. Later, the Prophet-6 was released, which was a 6-voice analog synth that re-imagined the vintage Prophet-5. Today, a new, powered up version arrives as the Prophet REV2.


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