IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro

IK Multimedia brings us the UNO Synth Pro and the UNO Synth Pro Desktop. You may be familiar with their previously released UNO Synth desktop analog synth, but with the release of the UNO Synth Pro we have a fu...

Novation Circuit Tracks

From Novation we have a new groove box, the Circuit Tracks. We've made Demo & Review videos of the Circuit and Circuit Mono Station groove boxes, and this one carries on the lineage.

VISCOUNT Legend '70s

The famous Italian organ manufacturer VISCOUNT brings us a unique but serious stage piano series. (As of April 2021 it has yet to be released in Japan) VISCOUNT sells pipe and electric organs, and in the past r...


TAHORNG, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, has released the ORIPIA 88, a compact, foldable 88-key piano. Even though it’s compact, when unfolded it has the same width as an actual 88-key piano!

Nektar Technology Impact GXP88

New from Nektar Technology we have the 88-key MIDI controller Impact GXP88. Speaking of Nektar Technology, we here at musictrack have introduced the Impact and Panorama series previously. Nektar Technology is a...


From SEQUENTIAL comes the new monophonic synth, the PRO 3/PRO 3 SE! Anyone who hears the word PRO will surely recall the 1980s and the prophet & SCI PRO-One synths. These two new synths are the latest in the li...

Modal Electronics ARGON 8

From Modal Electronics we have the newly released ARGON 8 Wavetable Synthesis Engine-equipped synthesizer. The ARGON 8 is a 37-key, 8-voice polyphonic, compact wavetable synth that is also available in rack mou...

Quicco Sound mi.1 Cable

Previously, we at musictrack have reviewed the Quicco Sound mi.1. With this review, we take a look at its successor, the mi.1 Cable, which has a variety of improvements and upgrades over the older model.


ASM (Ashun Sound Machines), a new brand on the scene, has released a new hardware synthesizer called the HYDRASYNTH, which comes in 49-key and desktop module versions.


YAMAHA's flagship synthesizer, the MONTAGE, has been updated to System 3.5. Recent synthesizer updates also see the addition of new waveforms and preset sounds, but with this update we also get a totally new se...


Yamaha has released a enw stage keyboard, the YC61. The name YC might ring a bell, as a few years back they released the Reface YC organ. But, with this release, we get a full-size 61-key stage keyboard.


KORG has released the i3 music workstation. Through the use of Styles, which provide backing, chord progressions, and sounds suited for a particular style of music all at the press of a button, making music is ...


A new type of rhythm machine/beat box has arrived from Singular Sound. The special thing about it is that it comes in the form of a guitar pedal, so it looks like they had controlling the unit by your feet in m...


From KILOHEARTS, a new modular synthesizer has arrived: Phase Plant. After using Phase Plant we thought of it as more of a semi-modular synth, with virtual analog/digital sound generators (oscillators), effects...

UVI Attack EP88

The UVI Attack EP88 is a plug-in instrument that can operate in the UVI Workstation and the UVI FALCON environments. Visually, the UVI Attack EP88 looks to be a normal electric piano, and even though it does co...

IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X

A number of virtual organ instruments have been released in the past, but IK Multimedia has pulled out all the stops with this one. The Hammond B-3X—officially endorsed by Hammond!

Roland JUPITER-X / Xm

If you say the word JUPITER, in the synth world, people will immediately know you're talking about Roland's line of synths released in the 1980s—the JUPITER-4, JUPITER-8, and JUPITER-6 (listed in order of...

Moog ONE

Moog has released a dreadnought of an analog polyphonic synth, the Moog ONE. Moog is a manufacturer that needs no introduction as far as historic synth production goes (with synths such as the Moog Modular and ...

Novation Peak

The Novation Peak only comes in a keyless, desktop model. As such, it is a rather unique product in that there is no keyboard version.

Novation SL Mk III

From Novation comes a new MIDI Controller Keyboard, in both 49- and 61- key models. Aside from the number of keys, both are identical. Regarding controller functionality, as a MIDI keyboard it's a new type of m...

KORG Grandstage

Things people consider when thinking about stage pianos, aside from high-quality sound obviously, are primarily based around the musicality and particular tastes of the player, and as such include a plentiful n...


The MODX series has arrived! It carries on the DNA from YAMAHA's MONTAGE series as a hybrid synth with its FM-X sound engine and super high-quality, realistic AWM2 sound engine.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth

IK Multimedia, known for its IRig series and software such as SampleTank, have released a hardware synthesizer! And not just any old synthesizer at that, a real analog monophonic synth, the UNO.


When it comes to synthesizers named PROPHET, known for their characteristic analog synth sound (even the ones with digital oscillators), it's pretty much a given that if you like synths then you're familiar wit...

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