KORG prologue

  • Next-gen analog poly synth carrying on the monologue/minilogue line
  • 2 analog VCOs + newly developed multi-engine
  • 8-voice, 49-key and 16-voice 61-key models

With the Prologue, Korg brings us a high-end polyphonic synth, the latest in their recent series of analog synthesizers which began with the monophonic Monologue and the 4-voice Minilogue.

There are two Prologue models to choose from, the 8-voice 49-key version or 16-voice 61-key model, so it's easy to select one that meets your needs. For our review we used the flagship 16-voice 61-key model.


YAMAHA MONTAGE V2.0 New Functions

The MONTAGE is Yamaha's flagship model, and utilizes their newest synthesis engine, the "Motion Control Synthesis Engine." The sequencer from the MOTIF series is absent, instead we find AWM2 and FM-X engines, which shows the true colors of the MONTAGE as a proper synthesizer. This time, we'll take a look at the new features/functions firmware version 2.00 brings.



Arturia, well-known for its software reincarnations of many famous vintage synths, has released an FM synth as part of its newest collection. Not just any synth, this digital synthesizer was a global hit in the 1980s, producing FM timbres nobody had heard before. Of course we're talking about the DX7. The early 80s saw analog synths as the major players, but thanks to the introduction of the clear, realistic sounds of the DX7, it is not too much to say that synthesizers were finally recognized as a major instrument. The DX7 truly impacted the world of musical instruments.


ARTURIA V Collection 6

The V Collection, Arturia's standard software package, has been updated to version six! New additions to the suite are the DX7 V, Buchla Easel V, Clavinet V, and CMI V, bringing the total number of vintage synths, pianos and organs to twenty-one.


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