Novation Peak

  • Analog 8-voice Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • High Quality New Oxford Oscillators & 17 Wavetables
  • Possible to Create Hybrid Analog + Digital Sound
  • Desktop Analog Synth That Means Business
  • Could Be Called The Polyphonic Successor in the Lineage of the Bass Station II
  • 8-voice Oxford Analog Oscillators

The Novation Peak only comes in a keyless, desktop model. As such, it is a rather unique product in that there is no keyboard version.


Novation SL Mk III

From Novation comes a new MIDI Controller Keyboard, in both 49- and 61- key models. Aside from the number of keys, both are identical.

Regarding controller functionality, as a MIDI keyboard it's a new type of model, with far more than enough control functions. Moreover, its design, visual feedback and operation are outstanding.


KORG Grandstage

Things people consider when thinking about stage pianos, aside from high-quality sound obviously, are primarily based around the musicality and particular tastes of the player, and as such include a plentiful number of sounds based on the aforementioned things, as well as employing an easy-to-use interface which doesn't require mental gymnastics to put to use, either on stage or just playing real time. The Grandstage is all of this and more! And that's not an overstatement!



The MODX series has arrived! It carries on the DNA from YAMAHA's MONTAGE series as a hybrid synth with its FM-X sound engine and super high-quality, realistic AWM2 sound engine.


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