• UVI's Enormous Vintage Synth Collection in One Package
  • Sound Based on Multi-samples of Only Excellent Condition Vintage Synths
  • From Looks to Sound, Very Realistic

The Ultimate Vintage Synth Collection

The UVI VINTAGE VAULT 2 is a bundle of vintage synths selected from UVI's enormous collection of instruments. With this package though, new machines have been added to the collection, resulting in the ultimate vintage synth collection.

But the collection doesn't just stop at vintage analog synths. Also included are the digital synths that took the world by storm back in the day, even workstations that were so highly priced that almost nobody could afford them. The number of variations is staggering, and to top it off, they've included a package that covers nearly every single rhythm machine ever made— the BeatBox Anthology 2.

The Sound of the Real Machines

For VINTAGE VAULT 2, the multi-samples were obtained by passing real hardware machines were through ultra high-end studio equipment. What's more is that there is absolutely no quality lost, as only those machines in the best-condition were used for recording.

Using these samples as a foundation, sounds were made by sound designers using programming and scripts.

Additionally, the instruments in VINTAGE VAULT 2 were designed with a common interface, so the method of operation is common too. If you master one instrument, you've mastered them all as there is no need to memorize a number of different interfaces or operation standards. We think this is a particularly well done feature.

Demo & Review Video

We explore some exemplary sounds of the VINTAGE VAULT 2 and showcase how easy it is to operate in our Demo & Review Video so be sure to check it out.


The whole collection of the VINTAGE VAULT 2 can be run and controlled from within the free UVI WORKSTATION.

If you would like finer, freer control over edits and effects, we recommend running the package from within FALCON. The screenshots below show the CS-M edit screen as seen from within FALCON

VINTAGE VAULT 2 Instruments

The VINTAGE VAULT 2 includes 20 UVI products, 51 instruments, 111 drum machines, and a whopping total of no less than 7,974 preset sounds from an enormous collection of analog and digital machines.

CAMEO / Digital Synsations Vol. 1 / Digital Synsations Vol. 2

CASIO CZ1、CZ101、CZ1000、CZ2300S、CZ3000、CZ5000

OB Legacy

MarionSystems MSR-2

PX Apollo / UVS-3200 / UVX-80

MOOG PolyMoog
KORG PS-3200

Darklight IIx / The Beast / Vector Pro

Fairlight CMI IIx
Sequential Prophet VS,
Yamaha SY 22 

Emulation One / Emulation II / UltraMini

Emu Emulator、Drumulator
EMU Emulator II、Drumulator
Moog Minimoog、Moog Voyger

Mello / UVX-10P / UVX-3P


String Machines / Vintage Legends

String Machines
Roland VP330、RS-505、Solina Strings Ensemble、Excelsior String Synthesizer、Crumar Performer、Eko Stradivarius、Siel Orchestra、Yamaha SS30、Hohner/Logan String Melody、KORG PE2000、Elka Rapsody

Vintage Legends
YAMAHA CS-70M, CS-40M, CS-20M, CS-01,Elka  Synthex, Rhodes Chroma, YAMAHA DX-1, Kurzweil K250  K1000, DK Synergy


Waldorf MicroWave XT, PPG 360, PPG wave 2, PPG wave 2.3


111 Drum Machines, 11,000 Samples

AceT 1 • AceT 2 • AceT 6 • AceT 8 • XR Ten • HR-16 • HR-16B • SR Drums • Amdk 100 • DrumBrute • MatrixBrute • Bhm Drums • D.Rythm 110 • D.Rythm 220 • D.Rythm 220E • D.Rhythm Five • D.Rythm Pad • Clap Machine • PT Seven • RZ One • OMB Two • DST • Dyn ADD1 • Drmlator • AnalogR • EMD • 8 Bit Box • EM7C • Drumstar • OMB Five • Organ Drums • Drumzmo • Transwave Drums • ETI Drum Synth • Drumaker • Drum Performer • Rhythm Eighty • DK5S • R Hundred • XD Five • K-DDD One • K-DDM Hundred • K-DDM2 Hundred • KPR Seven 2 • KPR Three 2 • KPR Five 2 • Mini Pops 20S • Mini Pops 7 • K-MR Sixteen • UVS3200 • K-S Three • Gadget Beat • Kick Machine 2 • U1250 • L 9000 • L Drum • LM One • Optigan • Synsonic • Mini Pops • The Kit • TR Clone • Drum MX • P Drum X • P Fight • Concert Mate • Classic R-78 • Classic R-8000 • The 5o5 • The 55 • The 6o6 • The 626 • The 66 • The 7o7 • The 727 • The 77 • The 8o8 • The 9o9 • Sakata • DR Tracks • SCTOM • MPD Forty • SMS Clap • SMS MTX • SMS 400 • SMS 800 • SMS 9 • SMS V • SMS Trix • Arranger Drums • SM305 • Tam Star 200 • Tam Star 500 • Tam Star 204 • Tom ED • Gadget 12 • UniVox • VerDrm One • VermoDrums • Ratck • Wers Drums • Wers Matic • YCS 20m • YDD Ten • YDD Eleven • FM 4OP • YMR Ten • YPT Eight • YQY Ten • YRX Five • YRX Seven • YRX Eight

This Is All You Need!

With a collection of analog, digital, and vintage synths and drum machines as extensive as that in the VINTAGE VAULT 2, you have all the tools you need to produce a variety of music.

Going through all of the sounds one by one would take nearly forever, but we think once you understand the characteristics and personalities of the machines themselves, you'll be able to get a picture of the type of sounds they produce, which will speed things up for sure. But let's not forget the fun of encountering new and unexpected sounds!

Test out the VINTAGE VAULT 2 and see for yourself!

UVI VINTAGE VAULT 2 Sales Info (Japan)



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