• Sounds good!
  • Includes just about every current synthesis engine imaginable!
  • "Hybrid Instrument" that can continually evolve via updates.
  • No limits or compromises with creating sounds.

Hybrid Instrument? What's that?

The FALCON is UVI's newest, cutting edge instrument, which isn't easily summed up in a single phrase.

In the FALCON are a number of synthesis engines, including engines that combine sampling and synthesis. The end result is what they call a Hybrid Instrument—an advanced, high performance synthesizer that has removed all limitations with sound design. 

Furthermore, because it comes equipped with a number of the latest oscillators, effects, modulation, and event processors, and has a programming environment that utilizes a refined workflow and scripts, it is entirely possible to create unique instruments of your own. 

As with the free Workstation software the company provides, all of the UVI sound expansions can operate with the Falcon. And, since it is possible to manage package libraries and edit sounds on a detailed level not possible with the Workstation alone, it's not too much to say that the Falcon is the ultimate integrated synthesis engine.

The Falcon makes sounds using the structures detailed below. It should be clear that, CPU power permitting, there are no limits to the number of parts, layers, and key groups (oscillators).

Demo & Review Video

15 Oscillator Types

The Falcon has 8 types of synthesis oscillators, and 7 types of sampling oscillators, for a total of 15 oscillator types in all. Virtually every kind of synthesis method imaginable is included.

Synthesis Oscillators


Traditional Analog Oscillator (includes VA).


8-voice Analog Oscillator.


4 operator, 11 algorithm FM Oscillator.


Physical Modeling of String Vibration.


Wavetable Oscillator with a maximum 8-voice Unison Function.


Drawbar Organ Oscillator.


Oscillator which can produce 15 types of Noise.


Synth Percussion and Synth Drum Sound Oscillator.

Sampling Oscillator


Sample Playback Oscillator.


Oscillator suitable for handling Drum Loops and Percussive Samples.


Sample Oscillator for Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting.


Premier Granular Oscillator courtesy of the IRCAM Research Center in France.


IRCAM Granular Oscillator adjusted for Multi-voice Percussion.


Stretch Oscillator which uses IRCAM Algorithms.


A Simple Version of the IRCAM Granular, which specializes in Scrub and Random Access.

These are the Synthesis Oscillators Falcon is currently equipped with.

From well-known to unknown, it's got a variety of oscillator types. Sounds can be made by using one oscillator alone, or layering a number of oscillators. Where Falcon really shines, though, is that there are no limits to the number of oscillators or layers, or polyphony! The only limitation is how much your computer's CPU can handle. It truly is a monster synth!

A Variety of Filters

The Falcon comes with 15 filter types, from ones that model the characteristics of vintage synth filters, to others that are rare and unusual. These filters can easily impart a unique quality to your sounds, and having such a large number of them at your disposal means that a huge variation in sounds is possible. 

Analog Filter

A multi-mode filter that models the unique filter section of an American analog synth.

Biquad Filter

An all-purpose, classic multi-mode filter.

Brickwall Filter

A High/Low-pass filter with a steep selectable curve that can be set from 24dB to 96dB/octave.

Comb Filter

A traditional comb filter unit. Phase can be set to normal or inverted.

Crossover Filter

Multi-band filter, with selectable low and high frequency crossover. Useful as a bandwidth control unit in the effects rack for setting up multi-band processors.

Lowpass 24

4-pole (24dB/octave) resonant lowpass filter unit.

Lowpass 12

2-pole (12dB/octave) resonant lowpass filter unit.

One Pole

6dB/octave Low/Highpass filter with key tracking. Has lowest CPU load of all the Falcon's filter types.

Phasor Filter

12-step variable, manual phaser effect, with variable frequency and a filter shape visualizer.

Rez Filter

A special filter module, which models a renowned Japanese analog synth's filter section.


A multi-mode (LP/HP/BP/PEAK/NOTCH) filter with saturator.

UVI Filter

Dual mode filter with Standard and Legacy modes.

Vowel Filter

A filter effect that can produce talk-box effects. Dual-filter version of the classic talk-box.


Wah filter effect, with characteristics of a number of classic wah-wah pedals. By manipulating the Wah Parameter, wah-pedal effects can be performed.

Xpander Filter

A multimode (37) variant on a 4th order ladder filter with built-in saturation and oversampling.

Filters on the Falcon are treated as an effect category, and within the filter category you can find 15 different filter types. Just from looking at the filter parameters, we're sure you can imagine the total control you'll have over your sound.


The Falcon comes with over 80 high quality effects, which have been categorized to facilitate ease of use.DELAY


In our Demo & Review Video, a number of different sounds are showcased, but UVI has a reputation for top-quality spatial effects (reverb, delay). A real sense of space is imparted into the sounds, which are just begging to be put to immediate use for soundtracks, etc.

The effects come with presets too, and the number of effects instances is unlimited. Effects can be independently assigned on a per-note level! Did we say monster synth?


The Falcon has eight powerful modulation generators, which can be used as modulation sources and assigned to nearly any parameter.

  • AHD
  • Analog ADSR
  • Attack Decay
  • Drunk
  • LFO
  • Multi Envelope
  • Step Envelope

Event Processor

Arpeggiator - Microtuning

The Falcon has an event processor which handles MIDI signals. This module processes MIDI signals prior to any sound generation done by oscillators, and can be used for automatic arpeggios, guitar-like performances, micro-tuning (useful for performing ethnic music). It can also play back standard MIDI files. 

Script Processor

With the Script Processor, you can expand the functionality of the Falcon through programming in Lua. The Factory Script Processor comes with MIDI effects such as the Chorder, Harmonizer, Unison, and Ensemble. By clicking on "edit script" you can see what's going on under the hood. Thanks to refined code programming and a heretofore unheard of flexible approach, the Script Processor gives you the ability to explore new territories in sound design, and to develop original instruments.

We've covered the main synthesizer features of the Falcon, but we've barely scratched the surface. The Falcon is so deep and packed with features that we just simply can't cover it all here.

The preset sounds were made by renowned sound designers, and the number of presets is staggering. The sounds themselves cover a wide range of musical genres as well as soundtracks and sound effects, and are just begging to be put to immediate use.

Furthermore, as far as production is concerned, simply browsing through the presets and playing is enough to conjure up a rough image of a song, which we think goes to show how useful the sounds are for sketching out musical ideas.

In any case, the bottom line is that we HIGHLY recommend you check out the sounds of the Falcon and see for yourself!

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